Our Story


baby clothes, promise, the best gift

PROMISE, a word that can be spoken easily but yet carries so much hope and sheds light to one who listen.

Just like RAINBOW, the glowing arc appears high above our horizon which look so close and distant. Both shows endless possibilities, diversities but yet inclusiveness.

Rainbow, a sign that will never fade, a sign that symbolize fate, a sign that symbolize future, a sign that symbolize communication, a sign that will bring us together through this hardship moment.

We are a group of daydreamer from every corner of world gathered together in small workshop, sharing same idea of design, bringing you a line of product of mother & baby.

We feel the desperate in the world, so we think...why don't we bring some joy to the world, spread some love, help you to show your love and your thoughts to your loves ones!  

And...we are doing thing a little different here. When you are growing taller, younger, sexier, you can donate your clothes to others, then we can get you a 20% money rebate in voucher form to shop your new clothes. (MUST have photo proof and within 12 months). 

Even though in this 2020, we are starting with the darkest storm, but hopefully with our little effort, our humble website can provide RAINBOW to bring diverse colors in your life.

rainbow, baby, smile